[Korean Audio Book] 보들북 Series

This is a story book series for Korean children I saw first on twoChois.com and I like it so much I end up with three. The series is called 보들북 which is an abbreviation of 보여주고 들려주는 CD 북 (=books with CD, that you show to your children and make your children listen to… or something like that).

Children BooksAudio CD

The illustrations are very attractive, beautiful, and colorful. The CDs are very good, engaging, and not boring, just like radio dramas for children. I like that the fonts used are huge, easier to read, if you compare them to Korean books for adults. Each book is thin, only about 60 pages long, and it consists of short stories which are only 1 to 4 page long. For each book, you get an hour long audio CD.

I have finished the other two, and this is the book I’m currently reading. 공주 이야기, a collection of stories about princesses.

Princess Stories

Yesterday I read and listen to the story of Thumbelina, or 엄지 공주 in Korean.


Today I’ll read “Rapunzel”. See her long hair?


I grew up reading these princess stories in Indonesian language so reading them in Korean is an interesting experience.

I read aloud, I use them for listening practice, I shadow the beautiful narration (it’s so much fun!), and I try to remember the important lines/대사. For example, when Prince Charming said to Cinderella,”아름다운 아가씨, 저와 결혼해 주겠어요?” and then I giggled like crazy.

Children Books

For level… intermediate?

I’d say these books are a nice break from textbooks… even though I actually love textbooks. ###


6 thoughts on “[Korean Audio Book] 보들북 Series

  1. They look so amazing! Ugh. I live i Aus, and post here is a little more expensive. Wanted to get one for my friend cause she is starting her Korean classes tmr, but I am going to Korea soon anyway, so pointless of me to buy online.

    Anyway… Love these book reviews! Really helpful 🙂 Keep it up 🙂 Also, could you try and include more details about what level they are for.. cause saying intermediate is loose. Like.. whats the equivalent if you were to study Korean at uni, for example. What level… would it still be second year korean for intermediate?


    • You’re going to Korea? Awesome! Have a safe trip! “Intermediate” as in TOPIK Intermediate (level 3 and 4). I just use my own 감각/feeling, so if you disagree and say the books are basic, not intermediate, I would say, hey maybe you’re right. 🙂


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