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Have you downloaded the sample questions and answer keys of the new TOPIK?


Today I checked the writing section (no. 51-54) and I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was not as scary as I thought it would be. Actually, if you compare the old writing section of TOPIK Advanced level and the new TOPIK, you can see that the TOPIK authorities try to make it easier for us to make our own sentences and answer the writing section.

For no. 51 and 52, you only need to complete 2 sentences each with short phrases. Ten points each.

For no. 53, for 40 points, you need to answer a question by writing one short paragraph (200-300 characters) about merits and demerits of something. Most of the words/expressions you need to use are already written in the question itself.

For the last part, no. 54, for 40 points, you need to make a rather long composition (600-700 characters) to answer the 3 questions so you don’t have to be confused about the structure of your composition because it’s already laid out for you, just answer the questions. Yes, it’s not easy… that’s why we need to practice writing every day because writing skill is not something we can develop overnight.

If you think about it, the two other skills tested in TOPIK: reading and listening skills are not something you can develop overnight, either. And if your Korean is lame, you will get lame scores, too.

What I will do to practice writing for TOPIK:
1. read and analyze TOPIK model answers
2. copy them
3. try pick up useful sentence connectors and sentence patterns.
4. And then I’ll use Lang-8 to check my writings. << Not really excited about this, though. Lazy. Lazy.

If you have ideas on how to prepare for the writing section, would you be a dear and share them with me? By the way, I read on someone’s blog that she copied her favorite Korean novel to practice writing.

아프니까 청춘이다
Sounds great to try, but maybe I’ll choose an essay book instead. ###

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