Learning Log

I’ve been studying with this new TOPIK textbook, see below.


ISBN: 9791125404231

For a couple of days -in my one-to-two-hour-a-day study time- I tried to memorize words listed in the first chapter and then I got bored before I finished. Maybe not very effective, but I felt like doing it. The act of trying to memorize a word or an idiom itself is very enjoyable. Why didn’t know it before? I used mnemonics and had conversations with myself about how I would remember a certain word. Or I just repeated the word for 20 times and hoped I would remember. But eventually I got bored and moved on to the next chapter: the new TOPIK questions. I finished Reading and Writing section. I really enjoyed the Reading part because I got to read a little bit of everything in Korean: excerpts of news, articles about parenting, short stories, announcements, etc. I didn’t remember reading Japanese as exciting when I was learning Japanese 15 years ago. Maybe because at that time, I read because I had to, but now, I want to.

Today I’ll be doing the Listening section, maybe, if I feel like it. Or maybe I’ll copy a Korean novel to my notebook for writing practice. Or I’ll memorize something from a phrasebook. Anyway, I’m studying to enjoy my extra time whenever my children leave me alone so I intent to do whatever is enjoyable for me.

By the way, when I was reading the Reading section, there was one excerpt that gave me a hard time because it was impossible to understand completely even though I looked up every unfamiliar word with Naver dictionaries. I googled it and turned out… it was taken from a classic literary work. So that’s why it’s so difficult. Isn’t it like requiring English learners to read Shakespeare for TOEFL? I don’t think I had to read Shakespeare for TOEFL, though. Maybe there are some kind of study guide book for students to help read Korean classic literary works? Because there are some for English classic literature, right? Anyway, I still have a lot to study other than classic work, I mean… even commonly used words from the news are still not stored well in my memory so… I’ll worry about classic stuff later. Maybe I’ll just give up, it’s worth only 4 or 6 points anyway.

No school today. I have no idea why school is off but I love having my children home with me. Maybe we can go play at the mall or something. OK, then. 좋은 하루 되세요.###


3 thoughts on “Learning Log

  1. Did you redesign your blog?
    I am struggling with my inefficient memory. I am going to try different techniques and see what works best for me. So far, linking words to pictures that are somehow connected in my brain works best.


    • I got bored and tried out new themes. ^^
      Good luck finding the best way that works for you! Isn’t it part of the fun? I forget things easily, too but I read somewhere that brain is efficient because it’s designed to forget things that we don’t use. So… for me I think repetition and making sure that those words are useful in my daily life is the key.


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