KBS World Radio Speak in Korean Contest 2014



This got my attention for a while, (“Send a 3-minute YouTube video and win a free trip to Korea? Maybe I can do that”), but then I read further…

Preliminaries : Pick one of the two given topics. Write a speech in Korean on the topic and film yourself giving the speech. Submit both the video and the script of your speech.
TOP 10 : The Top 10 participants will be given missions, about which they will hold video conversations with KBS announcers. The participants will be judged on their communications skills in Korean.
Final Round : The Top 3 participants must write a speech in Korean on a given topic using provided vocabulary. The participants then must film themselves giving the speech and submit the video.

Woah… so hard. OK. Not for me. But this could be a good opportunity for somebody else out there. Deadline: July 13, 2014. Good luck! ###


3 thoughts on “KBS World Radio Speak in Korean Contest 2014

    • They will care more about speaking ability than video editing skill. Have you watched other contestants’ videos? You’re very good in making good quality podcasts in Korean, you could win. Good luck! 응원할게요.


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