My Book Haul – September 2014

Here’s another post which is totally useless for anyone: books I bought this month.

TOPIK Writing & Word 2010 Simplified

TOPIK Writing & Word 2010 Simplified

I blogged about the TOPIK Writing book last week.

The Word 2010 Simplified book I bought because I planned to teach my daughter (10) to use Word but unfortunately she doesn’t care about being a writer anymore. When she grows up, Word 2010 won’t be around, for sure, so I don’t make a big deal about her refusing to read it but… the book cost me 320.000 rupiah (sigh). 괜히 샀어요.

Minecraft books

Minecraft books

Three books on Minecraft for my children which were expensive but at least now they learn to read English on their own. (We’re Indonesian.)

English novels

English novels

The Hundred Year Old Man who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson. My sister said it was funny and the Korean version (창문 넘어 도망친 100세 노인) was a bestseller in Korea (I know this because being a bookaholic… bibliophile?, I often check Kyobo and Yes24 website to read Korean book titles).

How to Steal a Dog is a novel for children (around 8+) about a homeless girl who plans to steal a dog, and the reason I bought it was because I found the Korean version on Google Play.

How to Steal a Dog

How to Steal a Dog (개를 훔치는 완벽한 방법)

Some parenting books

Books on homeschooling and parenting

Kumon workbooks etc.

Kumon workbooks

NHK Level Up Hangul Course Oct' 14

NHK Level Up Hangul Course Oct’ 14

An e-textbook for NHK Korean lessons in October, in Japanese.

English conversation class is a waste of time.

(English conversation class is a waste of time.)

A Japanese book on how to learn English for grown-ups. It was a quick read. Basically the author was saying it was better to focus on reading and writing skill and that English conversation classes were not effective, and that you learn not as much by focusing on speaking skill.

(30 smart ways to improve your memory, explained with pictures)

(30 smart ways to improve your memory, explained with pictures)

And the last one is an e-book in Japanese about how to use your brain and remember stuff effectively. I hope it will help me learn Korean.

Oh, and the Samsung tablet is new. I got the cheapest one available in the store: Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite 7.0″ Wi-Fi only, for 1,600,000 rupiah or about US$ 131.

That’s all. Thank you for reading. ###


4 thoughts on “My Book Haul – September 2014

  1. ouaaaah O_O I’m really amazed by the amount of books you you manage to read them all?
    I read many of your posts and I really loved them they’re motivating me to take THE STEP towards korean (I’ve been learning and then letting go and then learning again kekekekek an infinite loop of laziness)


  2. I love reading about your book hauls.

    Books about Homeschooling? Oh, why haven’t I thought about that? New topic to research next time I am in the library. Not that I have any children to teach. I think of myself as teacher & student on this self-learning journey.

    I’ve been buying children’s workbooks and flashcards. They cover simple language skills I need for Korean and are really cheap ($1), so I take the English children’s workbooks and either make my own games or look up the Korean to write in the workbooks as a form of vocabulary work.

    Another book I recently bought is Chineasy. Hanja is slowly creeping into my Korean studies.

    The librarians had to pry my fingers off of Benny Lewis’ “Fluent in 3 Months” book. So sad to have to give it back. Really enjoyed reading his book, but then there are so many other books to be read … so I took out a book on how to make conversation.

    I use to take out 5 books a week from the library, but now I only take out 1 every 3 weeks, because there are so many Korean textbooks at home that also need my attention.

    Happy reading!


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