My November Book Haul @ Indonesia International Book Fair 2014

Indonesia International Book Fair 2014 is being held at Senayan, Jakarta (November 2nd~9th 2014) and this year 11 other countries also participate so if you love learning and reading books in foreign languages you might not want to miss this event. In fact, I went there yesterday. More information here: Indonesia Book Fair

Korean Book Corner Indonesia

Online Korean Bookstore:

But I didn’t buy any Korean book because by the time I got to the area, I already spent all my pocket money at Periplus booth for English books. Oops. The English books at Periplus booth were about 90% off so how could I resist? I couldn’t. Besides, the Korean books on display were not discounted -very pricey- and I can always purchase them online so it’s not that big a deal.

There were a lot of events and games happening there. However, I didn’t have time for those, I just wanted to see books and more books. ;P

Talk Show

Let me show you what I got for me and my children… ta-da!

Book Haul November 2014The Adventures of Man Sponge and Boy Patrick

One Hundred Names by Cecelia AhernAstray by Emma DonoghueFirst Sight by Danielle SteelSee Inside TubuhmuKuark Komik Sainse-explore Mamaliae-explore TumbuhanAtlas Dunia untuk AnakGeronimo StiltonAngry Birds National GeographicWhatever It Takes by Adele ParksThank you for reading.

Now I’m off to KidsFest 2014 at Summarecon Mall Bekasi, just so my children don’t spend all their weekend playing Minecraft. Bye~ 남은 주말  즐겁게 보내세요~. ###


4 thoughts on “My November Book Haul @ Indonesia International Book Fair 2014

  1. It seems that you enjoy the book fair very much. I wish they sell the Korean book in my country book fair. I would rather buy Korean books at the book fair to reduce the expensive shipping fee. Is there any advanced Korean book in Indonesia International Book Fair ?


    • It’s cheaper if I buy online because I can redeem points at Yes24 store, and the shipping fee is domestic, not from South Korea. I remember they have a branch in Vietnam, too Have you ever shopped there? You mean advanced Korean textbooks? There weren’t any textbook for level 5 nor 6, only basic ones and up to level 3, but there were a lot of Korean picture books, novels, and travel guides.


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