Reading Korean E-Book Using Google Play Books App

I’m reading a Korean e-book slowly, highlighting new words and making notes along the way. It’s really addicting to me.

I bought the Korean book from Google Play for 49,436 rupiah (about 4 US dollars).
It’s called 개를 훔치는 완벽한 방법 (How to Steal a Dog) by 바바라 오코너 (Barbara O’Connor). I ordered the original version in English on Book Depository to help me read the Korean version. It’s a book for children so maybe the original version was not really necessary but I got frustrated for  many times before from reading a Korean novel so I wanted all the help I could get.

It’s a story about a little girl who became homeless because her father left and she plans to steal a dog to get reward money to get her family a new place to live.

I read on Daum (in Korean) that a Korean movie based on the book will come out next month. Lee Hong Gi (FTISLAND) will star in the movie. I’m a fan of Lee Hong Gi. I started learning Korean by reading his tweets on Twitter (he has set his Twitter account private now because he got attacked on Twitter by EXO’s fans or something).

I finished reading the book in English before I started reading the Korean one. It was OK. I thought that there were not enough actions in it, not really a movie material. There must be a lot of twists added when they adapted the book into a movie.

The translator added some details which made the Korean version more descriptive and more emotional (let’s see what the translator’s name is… it must be here somewhere… 신선해… is that a woman or man’s name?). I have only read chapter 1 of the Korean version, and I already cried. I didn’t cry when I read the original one.

I prefer reading real books made of paper and glue but e-books are OK, too. Not to mention cheaper. And Google Play Book has many useful functions. It can highlight in different colors, translate words with Google Translate, read aloud (not perfect but okay), and what I like the most is that I can add notes (to insert definition of words, in Japanese) and then the notes are shown as a list of words which enables me to review those words easily, like this:
Note List on Google Play BookLook, I found the movie trailer on YouTube:


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