Reading Korean Book “4 페이지 미스터리” (4-Page Mystery)

I read a Japanese e-book about learning a foreign language and it advised to master basic grammar of the language and then start reading stuff that interest you. But don’t start with thick books, they’re too long, you’ll be out of breath very soon, so start with short articles and build your vocabulary. I thought it made sense. Besides, lately I realize I have too many Korean books that I can’t finish because they felt too long, with too many unfamiliar words and I often lose interest after 3 days reading them. I don’t want to touch the book again on the 4th day. I guess I’m really the 작심 삼일 type of person.

But recently I have started reading an e-book in Korean that is so interesting that I think this time I can really finish it. And it’s not a children’s book. I found it on Google Play Books.

4 Page Mystery

The title is: 4페이지 미스터리 (4-Page Mystery)
written by 아오이 우에타카 (Uetaka Aoi/蒼井上鷹)
published on August 20, 2011
by 포레.

The book is originally written in Japanese by a Japanese author, translated into Korean.
This mystery novel is great for learning Korean because it is a compilation of 60 short stories and each of them is only 4-page long. You know that one Japanese grid paper is 400 character-long so the author had to finish writing every story in 1600 letters.

I read it on my phone or tablet and insert colorful notes to increase my Korean vocabulary.

4 Page Mystery

I have read until the 8th story, and so far, there is always someone who dies grotesquely, and the “twist” is always sudden and unexpected that I find myself read one story 2 times more to make sure I understand the story correctly. Each story is short enough for me to actually finish in one day, I get a sense of satisfaction after reading a good thriller, I learn many new Korean words related to crime and detective stories, and the stories leave lasting impacts  because of the author’s skillful writing technique, and I think it’s translated well. I’m totally hooked. Mystery/thriller is not exactly my favorite genre -I tried to read some mystery novels in the past, but didn’t enjoy them- so I’m thrilled that I’ve found one that I like. ###


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