Learning Korean On Your Own Is A Privilege

너무 많네요. 대박.

너무 많네요. 대박.

One day, I had a brief chat online with a random person (an Indonesian, just like me) who currently lived in South Korea.

He told me that he felt sorry for me because there were lots of Korean words I wouldn’t know if I didn’t live there.

I asked him, like what?

He typed, like: 그저께.

Huh? 그저께? 그저께? That’s all you got? A basic word? I thought he was going to mention about Korean slang words that I couldn’t find the meaning online.

I told him, obviously, I don’t have to be in Korea to know that word.

The chat ended there.

But, let’s suppose, he did mention something I didn’t know and it’s something that only people living in Korea know about. I would just say, wow, I really don’t know. Tell me. Please.

If he were a decent enough human being with good manner, I believe he would just kindly tell me. And I would say ‘thank you for teaching me that. Now I know’, and I still don’t need to live in Korea to know it. Because whenever I need to know something, there will be people like him to explain it to me. People are nice like that.

If he ridiculed me and called me stupid for not knowing, I would just leave because I don’t have time for rude, impolite people. If I’m curious enough to find out, I would just ask the nice people on Lang-8 or Facebook. Or, maybe I would say ‘that piece of knowledge is irrelevant for me right now. I don’t want to know’. Because when you’re learning on your own, and not living in Korea, you do have that option, the privilege of not having to learn things that don’t interest you. ###


8 thoughts on “Learning Korean On Your Own Is A Privilege

    • 이거 전부 필요하니까요. 한국어 교과서가 좋아서 좋은 게 나오면 바로 사 버리죠. 이렇게 산 책들을 사진에 담으면 정말 많아서 스스로도 깜짝 놀라요.


  1. This person was truly rude towards you..I mean, there is no need for such vanity or this childish attitude !
    Being a self learner is tough for sure, but it’s through that journey that you end up knowing a lot about yourself, don’t you feel proud whenever you learn something new?
    I hope you won’t come across such people in the future, I really admire your patience..and to be honest you are one of the bloggers that give me a boost to go ahead with korean language learning (I haven’t started the serious work, still waiting for my books to arrive :D)
    Anyway, (I just talk so much kekekeke) have a nice day 🙂


    • Thank you for your kind comment. I wasn’t being patient. He was just telling me the truth that there were things I wouldn’t find out because I didn’t live in Korea. But then his so-called proof was only ‘the day before yesterday’, a basic word. Too funny. I hope you’ll get your books soon.


  2. There are always some people in the world who feel good if they think they are smarter/better than someone else. You handled it well.,

    I do find the idea that it is a privilege to learn interesting to contemplate. My motivation has been lacking lately. I think I have hit a spot where Korean is difficult, and I don’t have a compelling reason to push forward. It does reframe things to see learning as a privilege. It is true that just watching TV shows or reading news sites is much less engaging than learning a language. I should be grateful I have found this hobby that stimulates my brain.


    • Exactly, it’s a privilege to learn as a hobby. If it’s something ‘compulsory’, it won’t be as fun. I read your blog for inspiration. You’re doing great. You’re exploring your own ways to learn Korean. Who cares what strangers think about how you should learn and how you should progress? It’s your hobby, what you’re doing for fun, for yourself. No one has the right to tell you how to enjoy your hobby.

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  3. Learning on your own can be tough..

    I gave up and turned to some online resources. Free tutorials helped alot, but I really wanted personal attention from a tutor. I found on Instagram this service:

    It really helped! I recommend it to anyone! You should put it on your Affiliates and contact them for more info!


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