DoublePod Podcasts for Android

DoublePod Podcasts for android:

DoublePod Podcasts for android

DoublePod Podcasts for android

This app is a free Android app to listen to podcasts from around the world. Change country to “Korea” or “Japan”, or any other country, and bookmark your favorite podcasts. You can search for the podcasts’ name in hangul . I searched for 라디오 독서실, a podcasts for Korean radio drama, and 뉴스 for Korean news.

I set the language of my smartphone to Korean, so the display of this app is also in Korean, but if you have another language for your phone, the DoublePod app will be displayed in English.

The only thing I don’t like is that the app keeps calling new advertisement banner every few minutes, and because my internet connection is slow, the audio stops often. So first I usually download the file of the podcast first, listen, and then delete the file. And also, my cleaner app keeps telling me this app takes too much memory or something. OK. I’ve warned you.

My Podcasts

My Podcasts

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