Using Google Voice Search to Check Korean Pronunciation

Yesterday, jreidy17 님 ( left a comment on this blog and I replied. As you can see, she talked about motivation but I talked about something else. Haha. 죄송합니다.

Blog Comment

Because the truth is, I know nothing about motivation. Is it a way to make yourself do something you don’t want to do in the first place? Because if you don’t want to learn Korean, then don’t. You’re going to die, your time is limited, better use your time on this planet for something you really want to do.

I learn Korean as a hobby, a favorite pastime. It’s all fun and games for me. It’s just like playing video games. Nobody talks about motivation for playing video games.

But it seems that there are people who make learning Korean as something else, as a mean to feel superior than other people. They are always in imaginary competition with everybody else. They always need to feel better than other people. When someone learns Korean differently than their way, they feel threatened and immediately feel the need to condemn the other ways, unwilling to accept that everybody has his or her own situation, preferences, limitations, and talents, and we’re all doing our very best in our circumstances.

Actually I was guilty of this, too. Of being mean and judgmental. So I can relate, I feel nothing but compassion towards them. Because I was one of them. People grow up and become wiser with age. Eventually. Or not. It doesn’t matter. Oh my God, I’m 35.

Moving on.

I’ve found a new way to play with Korean language. Yay!

I searched “learn Korean” on Google Play and I saw an Android app that used something like Google Voice Search to check your Korean pronunciation. I didn’t install it because it was not free and now I can’t find it anymore.

But I thought, what a great idea, to use Google Voice Search to check whether it can catch my Korean pronunciation or not.

Google Voice Search

Google Voice Search

I tried it. I found a sentence from a textbook:

커피를 탈까요? = コーヒーを入れましょうか?Shall I make coffee?

I spoke the sentence to Google Voice Search… Wait, please notice that you must change the language setting of Google Voice Search on your smartphone to Korean first otherwise it won’t recognize your voice as Korean.

Google Voice Search didn’t get my pronunciation. It kept displaying “커피를 달까요” not “탈까요” so I guess I had problem with my “타”.

So what I did was, I checked Naver Dictionary (국어사전, the monolingual one ) for the word 타다, listened to the sample audio carefully, practiced saying 타다 2-3 times, and got back to Google Voice Search.

Naver Korean Dictionary for pronunciation

Check Naver Korean Dictionary for pronunciation

And finally, 탈까요! Google Voice Search recognized my Korean correctly. Woohoo! I did it!

Shall I make coffee?

Oh, no! 코피? Nosebleed?

But… wait, it said “nosebleed”, not “coffee”. I guess I need to learn how to say 커 correctly. *sigh. OK, I will check Naver Dictionary again.

I think this is… working (?).

Of course, it’s just a machine, not a real person so you can’t take it seriously. Well, all that matters to me is that I am having fun learning the language. 읽어주셔서 감사합니다. ###


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