Quick Korean – Free Online Korean Language Course

I passed Level 1 ^^

I passed Level 1 ^^

I’ve tried Quick Korean (바른 한국어) just now. It was easy to register and I passed the test for Level 1. I didn’t watch the entire videos for Level 1 because they were too easy, I just clicked Go to change the status of each lesson to Registered so I could take the test for Level 1. I will try the next level tomorrow.

The video lessons are great, about 30 to 60 minutes long, and you can download PDF and MP3 files for each lesson. You can choose to watch the videos in English, Japanese or Chinese. At the end of each level (1 to 4 available), you can take a test and get a certificate if you pass. All this for free. Can you believe it?

Quick Korean: http://korean.cuk.edu/index.do

Read more information about the free online Korean course here: http://www.keytokorean.com/resources/how-im-studying-korean-for-free-from-korea-university-and-you-can-too/

I passed Level 2! ^^

I passed Level 2! ^^

I’ve just realized that Quick Korean has its own Forum. We can ask our questions there: http://korean.cuk.edu/community/freeView.do

Quick Korean – Free Online Korean Language Course”에 대한 21개의 생각

    • I’m not active on Reddit, but I’m guessing that you are. Reddit was one of the sites blocked from Indonesia, along with Vimeo. Now that you mention it, I checked Reddit and found that now I could access some parts of it. Quick Korean is good, almost like taking a class in Korean language school. I plan to do 1 lesson every day for Level 3.


  1. Say, thanks to the link back to our blog (keytokorean)~ I’ve enjoyed reading yours as well. I’m impressed that you got a 100 on the Level 1 test right off the bat (I got 92 myself without studying). And Level 2 the next day! Impressive.

    How far along are you in Korean? TOPIK 4? Are you also learning Japanese? Wow! How long have you been working on either language? And where do you find the time? (I’ve been in Korea for 8 years, and am around TOPIK 2.5 now – too busy with everything else to commit to lengthy daily study.)

    Anyway, great blog, and good luck with your continued studies!~


    • Whoa, 선생님, 안녕하세요. Key to Korean is a great blog. Thank you for commenting. I still need to take my first TOPIK to find out where I really am, but I think I’m intermediate. I use Japanese to learn Korean. I started learning Japanese in 1997. Korean in 2011. Studying Korean is a daily escapism for me, I just do something fun with the language for 15 minutes to 2 hours a day, and then I blog here about my learning. That’s it.


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  3. Thank you so much for this. I use TTMIK for learning and it seems like the Level 1 lessons on 고려사이버대 introduces topics that are discussed on TTMIK’s level 3. so I’ll have to review each lesson again before taking the test.

    looks like each curriculum has it’s own way with levels..I wonder if there’s a standard Korean language curriculum? I’d be grateful if you could share it!


  4. “Studying Korean is a daily escapism for me, I just do something fun” What a great attitude! Fun and mind stimulating.

    Thanks for the Quick Korean post. Even though I am FAR from being ready to take TOPIK Level 1, I want my study materials to eventually lead me there.


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