I Passed Quick Korean Level 3

Quick Korean Level 3

Quick Korean Level 3

I’m still doing Quick Korean level 3. I watched video no. 6 yesterday.
Today, I couldn’t make myself watch video no. 7, I just wanted to move on to a brand new learning material, which is so typical me. I get bored quickly and I always want something new.
So, without watching video lesson no.7 to no. 20, I took the online test for level 3 and answer the 50 questions.
I passed with 98 score out of 100, which means I made 1 mistake.

The weakness of the online test is that the site doesn’t tell you where you did wrong. But you can take the test again for as many times as you want. And if you ask nicely on its FORUM (http://korean.cuk.edu/community/freeList.do), somebody in charge will e-mail you the questions with the correct answers (you can use English, Korean, or Chinese in the online forum). Isn’t that great? Quick Korean is completely free of charge and people there really answer your questions.

I think I’ll take a break from Quick Korean for a while and return later when I feel like it. ###

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