My Korean is Good Enough *to use for my purposes

Yesterday, I left a message in Korean on Quick Korean’s forum, asking for the names of teachers who appear on the video lessons. And then, the admin of the forum replied.

Quick Korean *2014.12.15 04:59
1급~2급 : 최수정 선생님 / 3급 : 백정현 선생님 / 4급 : 김강희 선생님 입니다.

Right now, I’m following level 3, so that’s what the handsome teacher’s name, 백정현 선생님. I’ll remember that. ^^

Later, I sent an e-mail in Korean to a Korean publishing company to ask for mp3 files for a Korean textbook that I purchased. The person in charge replied my e-mail and sent me the files I asked for.



I was very happy.

You have no idea.

기분이 얼마나 좋았는지 몰라요.

These Korean people understood my Korean. I can get what I want using my Korean. This is so much better than getting compliment from a teacher! ^^

I learn Korean on my own, I don’t have one. Or maybe I should say ‘anyone Korean in my life is my Korean teacher’? No, not life. Not real life. Only online. Anyone Korean in my internet life is my Korean teacher (?). ###

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