‘Omiyage’ My Husband Brought Me from Japan

お土産 ‘omiyage’ is Japanese, it means ‘souvenir’ or gifts you brought home from your trip or when you visit someone. In Korean, I can call it 선물, according to Naver Japanese Dictionary.

When I got up this morning, I found my husband was lying beside me which meant he already got back from Japan. He went for work, for a week.

I rummaged his suitcase to see what he got for me.

I found a book that I asked for because it was a bestseller in Japan for this year: Kirawareru Yuuki (the courage to be hated).

嫌われる勇気―――自己啓発の源流「アドラー」の教えby 岸見 一郎、 古賀 史健

嫌われる勇気―自己啓発の源流「アドラー」の教えby 岸見 一郎、 古賀 史健

It’s a self-help book, taking form of conversations between a philoshoper and a young man. Looks easy to read. Can it help me to view life differently and lead me to happiness? Can I be happier than I already am? Well, if it doesn’t teach me anything new, it’s OK, too, because I always need a review so I don’t forget how to be happy. It’s a no. 1 bestselling book for 2014 in Japan. If everybody in Japan who reads books has read this book, I want to read it, too. But I can never justify buying it online myself because it’ll be too expensive considering shipping fee and the fact that it is not a language textbook. But, it came to me anyway. It’s a destiny. The universe wants me to read the book. I’ll obey. Haha.

Conversations between a wise old man and a young man.

Conversations between a wise old man and a young man.

I think it has been translated into Korean. Let’s check YES24 (Korean web bookstore).
The Korean title is 미움받을 용기. So 嫌われる is 미움받다, it’s a new word for me. I’ll remember it.

Chocolate and other kind of snacks

Chocolate and other kind of snacks

And he also brought home chocolate, and lollipops, and snack. I’ll share some with neighbors. And… nothing more. Only dirty clothes. OK.

I hope you, too, have a great weekend. 주말 잘 보내세요~ ###

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