Shadowing “Quick Korean” Level 4

The process of finding out what works for you when you’re learning Korean is very important. You must find it out by yourself. Don’t let anyone take that process away from you, not even my blog. Nobody knows what will or won’t work for you, except yourself. Everything else is just advice.

Sometimes, I get comments or messages that they don’t like my learning approach and I always answer: sure, do whatever works for you. I’m only blogging here about what works for me.

One approach fits for all and nothing else counts as learning? Who does that? School. Self-learning is freedom.

By the way, I chatted online with someone who majored in Korean language, and he said he didn’t have time to study because he was busy with life. The implication of the statement, that I don’t have a life because I study Korean every day. Hmm… Well, OK, I don’t have a life. Whatever.

However, I think if you enjoy something, you will make time to do it.

My sister is visiting from Bali for holiday and she will be staying at my house until January 4th. Does it count as ‘life’, too? I think I have a life. A quiet one, an ordinary one, but I like it.

Anyway, yesterday, I set aside 36 minutes to study Korean because that’s how long the Quick Korean video for lesson 4-1 is.

The videos for level 4 don’t have subtitles, and no PDF files to download, either. Maybe there will be, in the near future. Because the video doesn’t have a PDF file yet, I thought, hey, I don’t have to sit in front of my laptop to watch it while reading PDF. I could just watch it on YouTube on my smartphone while doing something else.


I watched half of the video while peeling and cutting carrot to make carrot juice in the kitchen, and then I realized I couldn’t listen while I turned on the chopper. Too noisy, why didn’t I think of that? Stupid me.

Making carrot juice & studying Korean.

And then I watched the other half while I was exercising on my stepper.

The view while I am exercising on stepper.

The view while I am exercising on stepper.

I did shadowing for the whole 36 minutes (repeat all the teacher’s words closely as I watch the video). I had fun shadowing, and I was happy that I could catch every single word which proved that my Korean was improving. But the most important thing is the fact that I had a good “life” for the whole 36 minutes. ###


2 thoughts on “Shadowing “Quick Korean” Level 4

    • Thanks for telling me because there are learners who don’t like shadowing because they lose concentration. Maybe it’s not a good idea to shadow something too difficult for you, unless you have the script. But I have no agenda in promoting one way of practicing to everybody. I think we should do what we enjoy doing.


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