I Do Have a Life

Someone hinted that if I studied Korean every day, it must be because I didn’t have a life, so today I’ll blog about my oh-so-full-and-exciting life, other than studying Korean.

Two days ago was my 12th wedding anniversary. My husband said he would buy me a handbag as present so we all went out to Plaza Senayan in Jakarta. I wanted to see Japanese books in Kinokuniya first, so my family left me alone there for a few hours. And then my family came and I left Kinokuniya, but nearby, we found another import bookstore, Periplus. So we went inside to see books there. Bookstores are heaven for me, when I see one, I just have to stop and look around, I can’t help myself. My husband bought me a book at Periplus: Daring Greatly. And then we looked around to see handbags for me at Metro Dept. Store and Matahari Dept. Store but I didn’t find one that I liked. (“I can’t believe there are people who spend 5 million rupiah for this bag!”). Before we left the mall, we had dinner at Yoshinoya, a Japanese fast-food restaurant for gyuudon (beef bowls). I tried a new dish for me: ebi-don (shrimp bowl) with mayonnaise and I think I should’ve sticked to my favorite: gyuudon (beef bowl) with super spicy Indonesian red chili paste.

I didn’t find any bag that I liked at Plaza Senayan, so we went home, and decided to try again the next day. Before we arrived home, we stopped by another mall, and I looked around another bookstore for English books: Books and Beyond.

The following day, which was yesterday, my younger sister, who came visiting us from Bali, went to a hair salon near my house and now she has bright yellow hair like an anime character (not blonde, yellow). She spent 370,000 rupiah for that new look which I thought was crazy. My son’s friend, an ex-neighbor who now lived in Jakarta, came to visit and play with my son. When my sister got home from hair salon, we finally went to Mall Taman Anggrek where they have an ice skating rink (we live in Indonesia, a tropical country, we don’t usually do winter sports). My husband and our children went ice-skating for 2 hours (there was a very long queue), while I, my mother, and my sister went sightseeing in the mall. Actually, I went alone to Gramedia bookstore, while my mother and my sister went to see clothes. Then we ate crappy food for dinner at the ice-rink’s cafetaria. And then we went to Matahari Dept. Store inside the mall to buy my bag. Luckily, there was one that was so cute and my husband bought it for me.

My husband bought me a blue bag for our 12th wedding anniversary. = 제 남편이 12 주년 결혼기념일 선물로 파란색 가방을 사주었어요.

My husband bought me a blue bag for our 12th wedding anniversary. = 제 남편이 12 주년 결혼기념일 선물로 파란색 가방을 사주었어요.

But I think I prefer books that he bought me.

He also bought me books. = 책도 사줬어요.

He also bought me books. = 책도 사줬어요.

And today, my husband’s cousin invited my family to a family gathering. To be honest, I’m reluctant to go because I don’t like being criticized for my choice to be a stay-at-home mom because according to his family, I’m supposed to be maximizing my earning potential and leave my children to babysitters and private school because all they want for me is to be happy, but their way. ###


15 thoughts on “I Do Have a Life

  1. A classmate of mine told me(while waiting for our group mates to come and they came after 4 hours. I really hate Filipino time!) when she saw me browsing another classmates bookshelves that I seem to only stay at home and read books.(in other words I have no life). I got annoyed by what she said but didn’t show her that . I plainly responded that I do other things aside from reading. Even if I spent most of my time reading and studying Korean(which I believe in order for me to reach my goal of being fluent in Korean then I have to really study hard rather than having long chitchats and gossiping about other people’s lives with friends and ended up being unproductive) her view of me DOESN’T MATTER.


    • You’re from the Philippines! I remember asking to a Philippine about why Philipines people are so cheerful and friendly. He said it could be education. Yeah… people have negative opinions about bookworms so we can have the pleasure to say they’re wrong. We have fun in our own ways. 🙂


  2. The “all they want for me is to be happy, but their way” part speaks to me so much!

    My family is pretty much the same. They say me learning Korean by myself is a waste of time and money and that I should work hard in my academic studies and get into a good school. That is their idea of MY HAPPINESS. Which, I guess you can tell by now, is not exactly that same idea as mine.


    • Maybe it’s universal? At least we know it’s love. They will accept your decision, or not, but you understand that they love you. Even though, it’s annoying and I myself avoid being close to my husband’s relatives just so they won’t talk about my personal matters. Maybe one day I’ll grow up and be cool about it.


  3. Congratulations on the aniversary 🙂
    Funny how things change over time. When my mum wanted to go to medical school back in the days, the only people in her family who were supportive were her parents (especially her dad who himself had the ability to study but no opportunity due to financial constraints). The rest of the family was very vocal about her not knowing her place. When my father in turn reduced his work hours to prioritise children, people thought my parents had gone crazy. Today people will be very vocal about people not working while the children are small… And then of course you might work, but too much. You cannot make everybody happy.
    Oh book shops. Such amazing inventions 🙂


    • Thank you. No, you can’t make everyone happy. Your mother decided to become a doctor after she had children, and your father supported her. That’s wonderful. Any place where there are a lot of beautiful books is heaven.


  4. Ha Ha Ha, your sister now has bright yellow hair like an anime character. I actually would love to do that some time but never would pay the price for it. Nah.

    Good taste in the aquamarine handbag. Very pretty.

    I see I mean with stay at home mom families might always disagree with what works best. I know I would love to have had more time with my mom but she is a working type of woman. Sometime has time for me sometimes not. Congrats on the anniversary. A little late as of this writing.


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