STi Retweeted Me

My favorite Korean indie singer/song writer, STi, is promoting his latest mini album Night Thinking. The title song is 변하지마 (Don’t Change). I studied the lyrics ( and read a Korean news online about him (📰.

And then, on the morning of January 1, 2015, I checked Twitter and was surprised that STi had retweeted my tweet. 😁

알림 = Notification.

알림 = Notification.



I think of it as a sign that this year, too, is going to fill with precious moments of little happiness because I’m learning Korean. ###

STi Retweeted Me”에 대한 6개의 생각

    • I really want to. I do. I actually very interested in many different cultures: Old England to Modern England, Japan, China, Korea, Germany, and Russia’s.

      I just never have the time to actually learn the actual language. I learn more little things like food and customs. Etiquette. Geography. Pretty much only the surface stuff which is the only learning I have time for sadly. Kind of have to cover my studies first.

      ^-^ From anime you only learn a few words usually. I don’t think learning through anime is the best way but you can learn a few phrases. Just a few.


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