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Japanese Dictionaries

My computer is still being repaired. It will be good again to use, but I will lose all data because I never backed up. 그래요. 전 바보예요.

How do people back up their work?

My husband has a little box that can be connected to PC with a USB cable, that he uses to save photos, should I get myself one of those? I don’t even know how to call that thingy. I’ll ask him.

On a happier note, today
I received complimentary copies of Japanese-Indonesia dictionary that I published.

Did you know that in Japanese, not only teachers and doctors, people who have published books are also called ‘sensei’? So people think I’m an ordinary stay-at-home mother but actually I’m a ‘sensei’. I have a secret identity. ㅋㅋ

Now I can buy a new computer. Yay. And also ONE OK ROCK’s new album 35xxxv which will be released in Feb 11.

Which reminds me that my husband will go to Japan again for work at the end of this month.

Oh, no, I will not sell my dictionary or anything else on this blog. Thank you for asking. (Who?) ###

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  1. I agree with Chanteru, Dropbox is good to store pictures. I also use OneDrive (which is connected to Hotmail) to store documents.

    You can buy an external hard drive (the box thing your husband uses, I’m guessing from your description!) at a reasonable price. The one I have has 1 terabyte of space which is a HUGE amount so I’ll probably never use it all!


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