Just for Fun

I’m learning Korean for fun,
if it’s not fun
then I’m doing it wrong.

Now how do I say this in Korean? Let me think…

내가 한국어를 공부하는 이유는 그냥 인생을 즐기고 싶기 때문이에요.
그래서 공부가 즐겁지 않으면 내 방식이 잘못하다는 증거예요.

Is this correct?

It seems OK but I’m not sure. ^^

(Even giggling alone in front of my laptop because I’m not sure whether I’m writing in Korean correctly or not is fun.)

But then, who cares?
Which reminds me that I learned to say どうでもいい (‘who cares?’, ‘it doesn’t matter’), ‘아무렴 어때’ from Block B’s song 싱크로율 100%. It’s from a rap song so it could be rude to say 아무렴 어때. Not sure.

I don’t feel like asking Lang-8 (http://lang-8.com/) only for this post. Just don’t quote me.
안녕~ ###

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