Reviewing Korean Phrases from KBS Drama

I think if I want to be able to write for TOPIK test, I should start writing, but then I didn’t feel like doing it, and I only had 1 hour each day to learn Korean, so I thought, who cares? My time is limited. Let’s do something I want to do. There’s still a lot to learn anyway.

And these last 3-4 days, I felt like reviewing again Korean phrases used in KBS drama that I learned from KBS World Radio – Japanese Service website, maybe 2 years ago. I blogged about it before. I forgot a lot of them. As expected. Without enough repetitions, you’ll forget. Even if the learning material is interesting. Besides, this is pretty advanced stuff, don’t you think? See picture below.

KBS World - Japanese Service

KBS World – Japanese Service

I think this time it has become easier for me to understand and memorize these phrases because my Korean has improved. I couldn’t catch the original dialog from the drama because the actors spoke too fast for me the first time. But not anymore.

Learning Korean expressions taken from Korean drama is fun, and, these expressions, according to the radio DJ of the program, are also used a lot in daily life. I’m grateful that I could find explanation for them on the KBS World site.

There are about 1,300 short lessons on the site, in Japanese. If I listen to 10 lessons every day, I’ll finish in about 4-5 months. No. I’ll get sick using the same material every day. I need variation. But this is one of learning material that I like using from time to time. ###

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