I passed Quick Korean level 4.

Learn Korean for free – Quick Korean (바른 한국어) – Level 1 to 4 : http://korean.cuk.edu/ All videos are available to watch on YouTube but if you register, you can download PDF and mp3 files, take online tests, get online certificates, and ask questions on the community forum.

I passed Quick Korean level 4 today.

I passed Quick Korean level 4 today.

I haven’t watched all videos for level 4 but I passed the online test anyway because it was easy.

I’ll watch them later, when I feel like it.

If I can speak as fluent as these people in the videos, maybe then I can quit learning Korean? ###

I passed Quick Korean level 4.”에 대한 12개의 생각

  1. 축하합니다! Hope to reach your level someday! Been studying Korean for 7 months now and recently launched my language learning blog ^^ Love following your blog and reading your awesome posts. Keep up the good work ^^


  2. Hi, do you think the curriculum description on the website is accurate? Like in Level 4, we could use Korean in social interaction? I am currently planning to sit for TOPIK and apply to SNU or KAIST in 2017. However, the Korean classes in Singapore are just too slow paced.

    Thank you.


    • Hmm… I don’t know but it’s free to follow their lessons so why don’t you see for yourself? I think if I can understand Level 4, it means I have enough Korean skills to understand Level 4, I’m not so sure about my ability to really use them in social interaction. I will need a lot of practice in the real situations to be sure. Don’t rely too much on your slow-paced classes and try learn more with other resources you enjoy. No one is stopping you from learning more.


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