How I Study Korean Lately

I study Korean for fun in my spare time and I don’t decide on goals.

I study every day but I usually don’t know what I will study that day until I really do it. I could wake up in the morning thinking today I want to learn Korean with K-drama because that would be fun, but then when I find the time to study, I would read TOPIK questions instead. 😛

I don’t think it’s bad, though. In fact, that could be my real goal: to have fun with my free time by learning something new every day about Korean language. Without pressure.

Nowadays I get addicted to studying with book trailer videos in Korean on YouTube.

This is how I study using the one-minute video.

I copy and paste the hangul script from the description box to FLTR and look up all new words (meaning and pronunciation with Naver Dictionary). Download FLTR:



Then, I put all the new words into Anki and memorize all the interesting words. Download Anki:



I record the sound of the video using Audacity so I can listen to certain part repeatedly until I can hear every single word. Download Audacity:



Last, I listen again to the entire one-minute video and be happy that now I can understand it completely.



The book trailer video is very short so it doesn’t take long from “Too difficult! I don’t understand anything! 😥 ” to “Yay! Now I understand everything! 😀 ” and I get the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that makes me want to learn Korean more the next day. ###


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