My Learning Log For The Last 2 Days Because That’s What This Blog Is For

Yesterday, my Anki showed a notification that I had made too many new decks and it would slow Anki down and it would be better to use tags instead of making a lot of decks. I didn’t know that it was possible to make too many decks on Anki.

I googled for alternatives to Anki, and found this free software in Japanese, called “iroha Quiz”:

iroha Quiz

iroha Quiz

I installed it to my computer and copied 24 Korean expressions from one of Professor Oh’s videos on YouTube into the software.

Korean Phrases for Vegetarians and Vegans:


Check out and subscribe to her channel: and also her blog for her articles about tourist spots in Korea and useful Korean phrases to use during your visit in Korea:


Quiz Mode

Quiz Mode on iroha Quiz

The “iroha Quiz” software is simple, easy to use (but in Japanese), and seems useful to keep notes about words and sentences but there are a few things I don’t like:
1. the hangul font is too small for my liking and I can’t change the font size
2. I can’t insert audio (Google TTS) like I can with Anki
3. it doesn’t use spaced repetition like Anki.

So I don’t think I’m going to use it.

That’s how I spent my precious free time to study Korean yesterday.

I deleted everything on Anki.

I deleted everything on Anki.

And then, today, I reviewed 193 cards on Anki for 35 minutes, and then I deleted everything because it felt like I had been using Anki the wrong way. (It said I made too many decks). But I’m still confused about how to use Anki better because I don’t like having too many cards in one deck.

After studying, I went to a hospital because my husband and daughter got sick, and after that, they already felt better so we went grocery shopping. Now I’m back at home and it’s raining outside. And I’m eating dinner alone in my room while blogging this. My husband’s friend is lending me DVD of Japanese drama ビブリア古書堂の事件手帖 (Biblia Antique Book Shop’s Case Files) -I found how to translate the title into Korean: 비브리아 고서당의 사건 수첩- and I think I’m going to watch it after I click the publish button. ###


4 thoughts on “My Learning Log For The Last 2 Days Because That’s What This Blog Is For

  1. Fighting! I hate when I get tangled up in learning software instead of actual studying. When Memrise changed their interface, I thought I would give up and switch to another kind of flashcard system, but in the end the work to redo all my flashcards and learn a new interface discouraged me.

    If you do end up finding a flashcard system you like better than Anki, do share. ^^


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