How To Say “I Bought A New Rice Cooker” In Korean

My new rice cooker.

My new rice cooker.

Rice cooker in Korean is 밥솥 so…
I bought a new rice cooker is…
밥솥 새로 샀어요.

For explanation, you can watch this video from Arirang TV,
Let’s Speak Korean Season 3 Episode 117
휴대폰 새로 샀어요? (Did you buy a new mobile phone?

“… 새로 샀어요” is a handy expression, don’t you think?

My old rice cooker is broken so I had to buy a new one right away. I just picked the cheapest one available at the supermarket where I do my groceries. It was 299,000 rupiah or about 2만5천 원. The pink rice cooker looks very old fashion, not something from 2015. Now that I take a closer look at it, the brand is “Miyako”, which suspiciously sounds like a Japanese brand, but it’s not. It’s Bangladesh brand! ( Oh, my God! Really? A new information, even for me. The brand “Miyako” has factories here, in Indonesia, it’s cheap, and it’s so commonly found that I thought it was an Indonesian brand.

Looks OK.

Looks OK.

The rice looks OK, I think the rice cooker works just fine. ###

How To Say “I Bought A New Rice Cooker” In Korean”에 대한 4개의 생각

  1. You rice cooker reminded me of a Chinese lady who bought a Korean rice cooker with commanding function. The instruction had to be in korean, probably something like ‘요리하다’ , but the poor lady does not understand Korean. and was not able to cook rice. It was in the news :,D


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