Korean Expressions I Learned from Movie “Code Name Jackal”

I’ve just finished watching “Code Name Jackal” (자칼이 온다/Jackal Is Coming) this morning.

What do I think about the movie? Hmm… I don’t know.  I won’t recommend it to my husband, but I didn’t fall asleep watching it.

Oh, I still need to watch an Indian movie called ‘PK’ that my husband recommended to me.

By the way, yesterday I watched The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water at the cinema. My children laughed through the entire movie. They’re 5, 8, and 11.

Why am I rambling about movies?

Anyway, Korean movies are definitely beyond my level; there are so many lines in the movie Code Name Jackal that I couldn’t catch. The parts where the characters speak in dialect (saturi, maybe Busan-mal?) are just impossible for me to understand because I’ve never learned it.

However, I think the strategy when studying Korean from something beyond your level is: take what you can, drop what you can’t.

Here are expressions that I can take from the movie (not in order of appearance):

째려보면 어쩔거야?

째려보면 어쩔거야?

째려보면 어쩔거야? = How dare you looking at me like that!

째려보다 = to stare

어쩌다 = how

I think literally the sentence means ‘if you’re staring at me, what do you think will happen?’ Like ‘don’t stare at me, because it’s not going to do you any good’.

The translation in the movie says ‘You dare glare at me?’ (which reminds me of ‘Don’t you dare glare at me!’).

이 아줌마 보기보다 겁많네.

이 아줌마 보기보다 겁많네.

이 아줌마 보기보다 겁많네.= This woman is more faint-hearted than the way she looks.

보기보다 = than the way s.o. looks

겁많다 = to get scared easily

The word 겁 means ‘fear’ and there are many terms using 겁, for example 겁주다 (to scare), 겁나다 (to be scared), 겁먹다 (to be very scared), and 겁쟁이 (a coward).

The translation in the movie just says ”That bitch is a coward.” I think it’s good to know that sometimes translators for movies cut things so viewers don’t have to read very long sentences on the screen.

오늘 컨셉이 순진남이야?

오늘 컨셉이 순진남이야?

오늘 컨셉이 순진남이야? = Today’s concept is ‘innocent guy’?

순진남 (純眞男, a naive and innocent guy) is a new term for me.

어쨌든 너 혜택받은 놈이야. 혜택?

어쨌든 너 혜택받은 놈이야. 혜택?

어쨌든 너 혜택받은 놈이야. = But still, you’re a lucky guy.

혜택? = Luck? (and then he explained that it wasn’t luck.)

혜택 means benefit or merit.



순결하시구나. = Ah, so you’re a virgin.

I don’t know why the translation says ‘You’re comfortable’. ‘You’re a virgin’ would have been funnier. A mistake, maybe.

놓아. 불결해.

놓아. 불결해.

놓아. = Let go (of my hands).

불결해. = You make me sick.

불결하다 (不潔-) = dirty

So she’s saying ‘you’re dirty’ or ‘you’re disgusting’. The translation in the movie says ‘You make me sick.’ I like it.

너 진짜 어빠의 규세주야.

너 진짜 오빠의 규세주야.

너 진짜 오빠의 규세주야.= You’re really my savior. (Kim Jae-joong calling himself ‘oppa’).

구세주 (救世主) = savior, the Messiah

그래서 이 참에 확실하게 가르쳐주고 싶어요.

그래서 이 참에 확실하게 가르쳐주고 싶어요.

그래서 이 참에 확실하게 가르쳐주고 싶어요. = That’s why I want to teach him a lesson this time.

이 참에 = this time, this occasion

괜한 말을 했네요.

괜한 말을 했네요.

괜한 말을 했네요. = I shouldn’t have said that. (She said with a wicked smile).

괜한 말을 했네요. Literally means ‘I’ve said useless stuff’. To apologize for something you said.

That’s all.

I’m still learning, I might make mistakes here, so I warn you, don’t quote me. (Perhaps don’t quote this entire blog for your safety.) Please tell me in the comment below if you care to correct me. Thank you.

Oh, it’s Saturday. 좋은 주말 보내세요. ###

4 thoughts on “Korean Expressions I Learned from Movie “Code Name Jackal”

  1. 공부를 진짜 열심히 하는 편이시네요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 무슨 영화를 보면서 공부를 그렇게 열심히 해요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 저는 모르는 단어 있으면은 걍 넘어가는 스타일인데 참 제 모습이 부끄럽네요 ㅋㅋㅋ


    • 댓글 남겨주셔서 고맙습니다. 제가 공부하는 목적은 그냥 한국영화를 자막없이 보고 싶기 때문입니다. 저는 기본적으로 제가 하고 싶은 공부만 합니다. 매일 한국 방송을 보거나 K팝 가사를 번역하거나 혼자 공부하는 시간을 즐겁게 보내고 있습니다.


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