My Korean Textbook Collection and Marie Kondo’s Method of Tidying-Up

I’ll show you my Korean textbook and K-pop CD collection because I have put all of them on one bookshelf. They were all over the place before.

My Korean Textbooks 1

My Korean Textbooks 2

My Korean Textbooks 3

My Korean Textbooks 4

So a couple of days ago, I found that a book called “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing” written by Marie Kondo was on Book Depository’s bestselling book ranking. I got interested in finding out more about the book and found this video on YouTube in which Marie Kondo was giving a lecture at Google. She’s so adorable, so humble, yet so confident.

Her talk about her organizing method, KonMari Method, which is abbreviation of her name, really inspired me to do something about my cluttered room, and even though my copy has not arrived yet, I already started sorting through my stuff. Her method requires to take time with every single item, and ask yourself whether it ‘sparks joy’ or not, and if it does not, get rid of it. I was surprised to find that I actually have so many books and clothes because I always thought I was lacking of things to read or wear.

I didn’t have problems with clothes, but getting rid of books that didn’t spark joy was hard, especially school textbooks that I hated and didn’t want to read, and would never need to read anymore, but I felt like I must keep and study with again someday because otherwise all those long years at school would become wasted. But when I asked myself whether I wanted to live my life from now on, with this book I had in my hands, my answer was no. So I threw away many books while being grateful of their service (this is a part of the KonMari Method), and then I moved on. As result, I felt very light and satisfied with my clean room. I haven’t even read her book.

The only problem is my mother thinks I’m being wasteful because I’m throwing away so many things at once. Growing up, she lived in poverty, and as an adult, she’s the type of woman who keeps all the empty used boxes and plastic bags for future use. So when I took my old clothes to the garbage bin, she got upset and yelled at me, so I yelled at her to tell her to leave me alone… and then she took all my old clothes back to the house. She said, “These are mine now. You can’t throw them away”. Unbelievable.

I said, “They’re ugly! Why would you want to wear them?”

The next day, I saw that she kept some and returned most of the clothes to the garbage bin. Thank God she doesn’t like reading. 🙂

Anyway, I feel peaceful in my uncluttered room and tomorrow I will continue sorting through mementos. KonMari Method is not only about tidying up, it’s about letting go of the past and surround yourself with things that will lead you to the lifestyle and life you’ve always wanted, and this could be only a little part of it because I haven’t got my copy. 🙂 ###

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