Reading About 쿵쾅쿵쾅

Today is Sunday? I can’t believe it has already been a week since my last blog post! 일주일이 참 빠르네요!

I’m still studying with the textbook about Korean onomatopoeia I reviewed last week. I’m on page 30. There are only short sentences in the book but there are plenty of advanced-level words used so it would be challenging enough for advanced-level learners.

Actually, it’s totally possible to learn Korean onomatopoeia not from a special textbook. I think we can learn onomatopoeia from real-life material (novels, webtoons, songs, etc.) so we learn it only when it becomes necessary.

But I enjoy studying with the book.

I read it while having Korean podcast on in the background because I want some voice in Korean when I study Korean.

Right now, I’m using a free app called “Podcast Republic” to listen to podcasts on my smartphone.
Podcast Republic on Google Play:

So one day, when I was reading about 쿵쾅쿵쾅 from the book, the announcer from the podcast also said 쿵쾅쿵쾅! What a coincidence!

쿵쾅쿵쾅 to describe loud noise.

쿵쾅쿵쾅 to describe loud noise.

I think of it as a sign that the Universe wants me to keep studying Korean 😀 or it means that 쿵쾅쿵쾅 is commonly used but I never noticed it before because I had not learned it.

The podcast’s name is 사랑하기 좋은 날 이금희입니다 (“It’s a good day to love, I’m Lee Geum-Hui”) from KBS Cool FM
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With my poor listening skill right now, I can hardly understand what the lady is talking about, but I just like her beautiful voice. ###

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