A Misprint about 냠냠

I’ve found a misprint in the book about Korean onomatopoeia that I’m using.

This can't be right.

This can’t be right.

From the book, page 33:
냠냠 :
살가죽이 쭈그러질 정도로 아주 심하게 마르거나 여위어 가는 모양
(=the state in which someone gets very skinny that the skin looks wrinkled???)

Obviously, this is incorrect, and I think 냠냠 just means ‘to eat deliciously’.
Indonesians say ‘nyam nyam’ too about eating something delicious.

I hope they’ll fix it in the next edition. And I hope they get better binding for the books in the next edition because the pages of my book are already falling apart. ###


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