Learning Korean Onomatopoeia

I'm reading this book.

I’m reading this book.

It just so happens that I’m into Korean mimetic and onomatopoeic words right now. The last time I tried to learn Korean onomatopoeia from a textbook was 2 years ago and I blogged about how I did it (How to Memorize Onomatopoeia), and now I’m practicing my own advice again.
Like… searching for onomatopoeia I’m trying to learn on Twitter (https://tweetdeck.twitter.com/) and find out how it is used in sentences by real people.

알록달록 = colorful

알록달록 = colorful

I’m aware that there are learners who say learning/memorizing new words is painful and boring but… if you think of words as your “friends” that you find very interesting and want to get to know better, it won’t be painful, it will be fun, and you will enjoy being in their company. I love words. 😉

So… what I like about onomatopoeia is once you become familiar with them, you’ll notice that they really pop out everywhere.

Just this morning, when I watched a newly uploaded video on B1A4’s YouTube channel, I found ‘스멀스멀’. I got excited because I just learned that word yesterday.

스멀스멀 = feeling like something creeping up on the skin

스멀스멀 = feeling like something creeping up on the skin

And as I study, sometimes I find a word in the textbook that I remember I have learned before from a K-pop song, and at time like this, I also become excited and search for the music video and the lyrics again.
“사르르? Sounds familiar. Have we met before? Ah! I remember! You were in the song by Davichi, 녹는 중!”

사르르 = slowly & quietly melt

사르르 = slowly & quietly melting. Screen captured from Daum Music.

I enjoyed my study time today, as always, I hope you did, too. Let’s study again tomorrow. Good night, then. 안녕히 주무세요. ###


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