No Contest

I notice that otherwise nice and sweet people suddenly turn mean when they find themselves a rival and get competitive about learning Korean. Not only teenagers who say,”Look at her showing off her awful speaking skill. How annoying. I really don’t like her”, but also adults who write a long blog post or make a 10-minute YouTube video to insult their perceived rivals’ methods or speaking skills. Don’t they know they’re just being unkind and immature? How interesting. Maybe putting yourself in imaginary competition and having the need to beat everybody else you meet will turn you into a mean and sad person. And maybe if I put all my identity in being the best person in this competition with every Korean language learner on the planet, I, too, can’t help being the same way. So I won’t and I will always aim for joy. I won’t compare myself to other people, I am my own standard. After all, my Korean skill has got nothing to do with anyone else’s. If I learn a little, I’ll improve a little. If I don’t, I won’t. That’s all what it’s about. ###


3 thoughts on “No Contest

  1. I dislike that sort of thing, it’s like they need to put down someone else in order to feel better about themselves. I believe in competition, but you know, the friendly one because I think it is a source of motivation (a way to help each other out), but I do acknowledge that it all depends on the sort of person and how you learn best. Honestly, it’s really immature and it leaves a lot to be desired from them.

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  2. I think the problem is when people see learning as sort of a zero sum game. If someone else learns more it doesn’t actually take away from what you can learn but that perception can bring a lot of negativity >__<

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  3. I can see I have been lucky and avoided reading such posts, but I’m aware it happens. It’s an odd thing to do, really. Obviously we all learn differently – sometimes you come across something that you can use from other learners’ methods while other elements will not be useful for you. As for publically ridiculing other people, that’s just low. Nobody speaks perfectly from the beginning and some of us never will be able to get completely rid of our accents. Also, whatever their “method” consists of, it must be working for them or I guess they would have/will adapt it with or without other people prompting them to do so…

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