My Korean Bookshelf

I reorganized my Korean bookshelf again and found there was still some space left on the top for my purchase of K-pop CD or Korean books in the future.

My Korean bookshelf (the left one).

My Korean bookshelf (the left one).

And the other 2 books of New Style Korean series I ordered last month have just arrived.

  • NEW 스타일 한국어 관용 표현 →123 idioms
  • NEW 스타일 한국어 속담 & 한자성어 → 100 proverbs and 50 Chinese character idioms
New Style Korean series, completed my collection.

New Style Korean series, I completed my collection.

Now, I actually think 살아있는 한국어 series -also consists of 3 books- is a lot better than this series but New Style Korean books are cheaper and shorter. I will finish reading these books first before I decide whether to get 살아있는 한국어 or not.

You might want to check out this great book review of 살아있는 한국어 – 속담 on Blue Hanbok blog. ###


4 thoughts on “My Korean Bookshelf

  1. It’s so colorful and full. ;-; Just looking at it makes me happy haha. I’m hoping to buy another bookshelf after I move so I can fix everything around better. (And fill the shelves up again of course.)


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