Typing In Translation On Anki

I installed Anki again today. A few minutes ago, actually. Download Anki here: http://ankisrs.net/

I usually just use Anki the simplest way possible because I will delete everything every 3-4 days anyway (I hate too many flash cards, it’s overwhelming), but then I found this tutorial video on the website about how to type in the answer on Anki.

I don’t like it when a learning tool becomes too complicated, but it looked simple enough to try. And I thought I could use this feature to help me practice translating from Japanese into Korean. So I followed the instruction and input the necessary information into my Anki card.

First, I input the Japanese sentence I want to translate into Korean, for example: 寝坊をして危うく飛行機に乗り遅れるところでした。 And also the answer (the Korean translation): 늦잠을 자서 하마터면 비행기를 놓칠 뻔했어요. (I overslept and almost missed my flight.)

Then Anki will quiz me like this:

Translating into Korean on Anki.

Translating into Korean on Anki.

And I type the answer in Korean into the provided box. Anki automatically corrects my translation and my mistakes are highlighted in red or grey like this:

The sentence on the bottom is the correct answer.

The sentence on the bottom is the correct answer.

I think it’s great that Anki even checks the correct spacing (뛰어쓰기) because it’s definitely one of my weaknesses and it’s hard to realize on your own that you make a mistake in spacing when you write on paper. ###


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