My New LG Washing Machine

My new LG washing machine

My new LG washing machine

My husband bought me a new washing machine and it’s an LG because we love Korea, or more precisely, Korean electrical appliances. They’re affordable and of good quality. The old one is broken so today we drove all over town to find someone to fix it but no repairing shop was open because it’s almost Idul Fitri in Indonesia (a Muslim holiday) and people are already taking long vacation to their hometown. My husband has made plans to meet his relatives in Bandung, Palembang, and Surabaya for the next 2 weeks. I said I didn’t want to go with him. I don’t like traveling and meeting people, especially his sharp-tongued relatives (he knows and they know that I don’t like them). So finally, he bought the new washing machine to bribe me to go with him. I’m just relieved I don’t have to wash clothes by hand until Idul Fitri is over.

My Anki

My Anki

And today I used Anki to learn 20 Korean adverbs from Korean Vocabulary Practice for Foreigners – Advanced – English Version. I translated Korean sentences from the textbook into Japanese, and then practice translating into Korean again, using Anki.

I can’t believe I could learn 20 words in only a day from this book because this book felt very difficult before but now it’s not. I guess my Korean has improved. Like, of course, it has been 5 years. I’ve been learning Korean for 5 years. Time flies so fast! Is it because I’m having fun studying Korean every day or is it because I’m over 30?

Korean Vocabulary Practice for Foreigners

Korean Vocabulary Practice for Foreigners

Oh, and today I also used Anki to memorize some new words from Infinite’s new song ‘Bad’. I really like the song and 김성규 is so hot, he’s my favorite.❤

Actually, I can’t remember the other members’ names. There are just too many of them. And I’m old, so…

By the way, ‘Typing in the answer’ feature on Anki is really good. I love it. I feel like typing hangul builds my confidence in making Korean sentences and I learn a lot by translating into Korean and it feels easier to memorize new words by typing. (My blog post yesterday: ###

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