Hangul Sticker at Indomaret

Just now I heard somebody impatiently rang the door bell for many times so I thought it was my children came home from school, about one hour early. When I rushed downstair and opened the door, the door bell stopped immediately, and guess what? Nobody was there, there were only 3 kittens waiting for me to feed them. Can cats ring doorbell using only their minds? Thank God it’s one o’clock in the afternoon, not in the middle of the night, otherwise it would be too scary. I asked my daughter (6) who was playing game on the computer,”Do you think it was the cats who rang the bell?” She said,”Maybe”. Hahahaha… (laughing nervously). I can’t wait to tell my husband.

Now let’s move on to something related to learning Korean…

Hangul Sticker

Hangul Sticker

I found a hangul sticker at Indomaret (a convenience store or 편의점 in Indonesia), 10,500 rupiah or about 876 won,팔백 칠십육 원, but the pronunciation is… [팔백칠심뉴권]. This is how I memorize Korean numbers, by translating numbers in my life into Korean.



There’s one word on the sticker I don’t understand: 헤벨레. 무슨 뜻인지 좀 알려주시겠어요? ###

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