The Best Learning Tool To Learn Korean? Definitely A Samsung Tablet.

My new Samsung tablet.

My new Samsung tablet.

I loved my old LG smartphone and I used it daily to study Korean, mainly for dictionary app and podcasts. But lately I felt the screen was too small for e-books so a few days ago I bought myself a new white Samsung Galaxy Tab 3V. I picked the cheapest one at the store. And it turned out, I like it much better than my old LG smartphone.

For starter, my new Samsung tablet is cheaper than my old LG phone (if I had known this, I would have bought a tablet instead of a smartphone)

The screen of the tablet is bigger so I  can read Korean e-books from Google Play and Korean manhwa (with Naver Webtoon
app) more comfortably.

Other than hangul keyboard and alphabet keyboard, it also has Japanese keyboard so I don’t need to download Google Japanese Input; no hassle when switching keyboards.

It has bigger memory space than my phone so I can download many more apps and also Korean e-books. With my LG, I got “저장 공간 부족함” warning every single day.

The Samsung tablet has multi-window function so I can watch K-pop videos on YouTube while using dictionary app to study at the same time. This is the feature I love best from the Samsung tablet.

Samsung tablet gives the best offline dictionary app: DioDict 4 for free, including free download Korean-English/English-Korean, Japanese-Korean/Korean-Japanese, Collins English, and
Chinese – English/English-Chinese offline dictionaries (that I don’t use because I’m not learning Chinese). My LG phone only
gave me DioDict 3 and one dictionary (Korean-Japanese), and I paid for other dictionaries. DioDict 4 has audio for words
and sample sentences, DioDict 3 doesn’t.

And the last but not least, the sound and screen of the Samsung tablet is much better and clearer.

So what are you waiting for? Get your new tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 V T116 at the nearest Samsung store for only 1,675,000 rupiah! You will improve your Korean in no time! Kidding. 농담이죠.

Just like my old LG, I set the language of my Samsung tablet to Korean.###

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