[Korean Magazine] Bromide – October 2015

Bromide Magazine October 2015

I almost finish reading this Korean magazine “Bromide” October 2015 – a magazine about Korean idols and Korean entertainment. There are only 2 articles left about TV programs: 복면가왕 (King of Masked Singer) and Unpretty Rap Star 2 that I might or might not read.

The real price of this magazine is 1000 won (12,000 rupiah). I purchased this on YES24Indonesia for 37,000 rupiah including shipping fee which I think is cheap, about the same price that I will pay for Indonesian magazines. For comparison, other Korean magazines like The Celebrity, Ceci, etc. cost about more than 200,000 rupiah (but they’re also super thick). I like that Bromide is cheap so I don’t feel guilty when getting rid of it later. And I already ruined it, by the way. But it’s not my fault the binding is not that great.

Table of contents & Korean idols' tweets.

Table of contents & an article about Korean idols’ tweets.

Bromide is only 44 pages long, as thin as a picture book for children. I think it’s mainly targeted for children, I mean, look at the advertisement for toys at the back.

Finger puppets?

이건 뭐죠? Finger puppets?



Readers' messages, Ranking Charts, and Fashion Arts by Readers

Readers’ messages, Ranking Charts, and Fashion Arts by Readers

Yoo Ah-In - Korean actor

Yoo Ah-In – Korean actor

Most, if not all, of the articles are praises about how wonderful a new boy band is, how beautiful this female idol is, and the like, and I felt like they were something that agencies would say to public to promote their artists. I think you can get more timely and even longer articles on the internet. I don’t mind, though, because I read to expand my vocab and I learned a lot of interesting new words from reading it. And I like it that all articles are short and it’s so thin so it’s possible to read it from cover to cover. ###

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