Plastic Water Bottle from Korea

I bought a plastic water bottle from Korea online and it has just arrived today. It was 75,000 rupiah. Not expensive. I love the design. Simple and cute.



What’s written on the box:

품명: 친환경 물병
원산지: Made in Korea (대한민국)

사용상 주의 사항:
내냉 내열온도: -30℃~110℃
용기에 뜨거운 액체를 주입시 화상에 주의
솔이나 연마분은 스크래치가 발생할 수 있으므로
사용하지 마십시오.

Item name: eco-friendly water bottle
Country of origin: Made in Korea (大韓民国)

Things to be careful about when using it:
Cold and heat resistance: -30℃~110℃
Be careful when filling with hot liquid.
Don’t use brush or abrasive powder because it might cause scratches.

Yay… I understand everything↑. Hahaha.

물병 (=water bottle) is pronounced [물뼝]. ###

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