I Won Something from Arirang Radio

E-mail from Arirang Radio

E-mail from Arirang Radio

Today I got an e-mail from Arirang Radio telling me I won a signed K-pop CD! 아싸~ 땡잡았어~

I’ve been following Arirang Radio’s Twitter and Facebook page since I started learning Korean and because I love K-pop. A while ago Arirang Radio conducted an online survey for listeners. I filled the online form and luckily I won. Thank you, Arirang Radio!

Yes, I think that’s definitely a sign. The universe wants me to keep learning Korean. I will obey. Hahaha.

You can listen to Arirang Radio here: http://www.arirang.com/Radio/Radio_Index.asp?sys_lang=Eng or download Arirang Radio’s app to listen. Also Arirang TV.

So… I’ll get a signed K-pop CD of girl group Red Velvet (레드벨벳) or boy group MONSTA X (몬스터엑스). Cool! I hope it’ll arrive soon. ###

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