[Korean Book Review] 신기한 낱말 그림책 09권 (의성어)

I just bought a Korean picture book for children on Google Play Books.

신기한낱말그림책 09권(의성어 1)

신기한 낱말 그림책 09권 (의성어 1)

신기한 낱말 그림책 09권 (의성어 1) – 31 pages – 65,040 rupiah (for Indonesia)

There isn’t a single sentence at all in it, just Korean onomatopoeic words divided into 14 topics/situations and illustration related to those words, so I’m not sure whether I can recommend it or not. But I’m studying with it right now. I look up words I don’t know, search them on Google Image -which gives me better results than Naver Image Search, by the way, for example when I looked for the word 왁작왁작 (=noise of people talking and laughing) on Naver Image, I got only 6 hits, but on Google Image I got hundreds- and I make word lists on dictionary app on my tablet to quiz myself. I really enjoy doing all this. I love taking my time to study a new word. It’s relaxing for me. And I eat lunch alone. Don’t know whether it’s related.

Maybe knowledge about onomatopoeia is not so useful for getting high score on TOPIK but I just feel like learning about them with this picture book right now.

Let’s see… I’m still on topic no. 4 out of 14: 말과 관련된 의성어 의태어 (onomatopoeic words related to way of speaking). So many words I don’t know. Oh, this is one I know: 이러쿵 저러쿵. I remember that word from a K-pop song that I liked… in 2011. 벌써 4년이나 지났다니 시간은 정말 빨리 흐르는구나.

This is a music video of the song 이러쿵 저러쿵 (This and That) by 5dolls (파이브돌스).

It’s such a fun and catchy song. Too bad the group was disbanded.

This is book no. 1 for onomatopoeia so when I finish I think I’ll get the second one, too. And maybe the other books about verbs and adjectives in the series. Actually, I also have other vocabulary books with translation and sample sentences and clear explanation which are so much better to study Korean with but, I don’t know why, I’m just attracted to this series right now. But then the best books for learning are the ones that you really use, right? ###


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