Search K-pop Song Lyrics on Naver Music

I remember new Korean words easier if they are used in K-pop songs so I thought how great would it be if I could search Korean words that I try to memorize from K-pop song lyrics database or something similar. Then I’ve found out that I can do that on Naver Music website


Just type the word into the search box on the top and click search (검색). Below the tab ‘가사'(=lyrics), there will be a list of songs that have the word in the lyrics. Click the button “전체가사 보기”(=see the entire lyrics) near the song title and the lyrics will be shown in a pop-up window (so don’t forget to turn off your pop-up blocker.)

I searched the word 주근깨 (=freckles on the face) on Naver Music and pick one song from the list that has a music video on YouTube: BABY GOOD NIGHT by GD and TOP.

This is the part that I need:
주근깨를 가진 새빨간 딸기♪
(you are) a red strawberry with freckles

In the 뮤비, TOP munches a strawberry during the part.

The word 주근깨 (=freckles) is used pretty often in articles about K-pop and K-drama. For example, girl groups like Twice and Red Velvet sometimes wear 주근깨 makeup on stage and there is a K-drama in which the main character has freckles: 그녀는 예뻤다 (She Was Beautiful). ###

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