My Failed Attempt to Buy a Korean E-book on Ridibooks

Ridibooks viewer software

Ridibooks viewer software


I thought I was already careful before I tried to buy an e-book on Ridibooks, a Korean bookstore. I downloaded the viewer and the sample e-books first to see whether I could open and read the files on my computer and my tablet. I was a little worried because the website and the viewer software felt a little heavy but the Korean e-books displayed well. Then I used a credit card (published by an Indonesian bank) to buy an e-book that was not available for purchase on Google Play Books. My payment went through successfully just by entering the credit card information and also there’s an email sent to me by Paygate to prove it. But then… the e-book didn’t show up in my Ridibooks viewer. There was no trace of my purchase on my account, either. Why? Why? Why? I gathered up my almost non-existent Korean writing skill to make an inquiry about it via the website. I’m still waiting for a reply. Or a 9000 won refund.

Few hours later I got a reply. ###

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