YTN News on YouTube

YTN News channel on YouTube:

All videos have hangul transcript in the description box. Great learning material for advanced level because the speed is really fast.

I always choose a short video (only 1 minute length) to learn new words and practice listening. I studied from this weather forecast today, it’s still too fast for me, and I had the urge to tell the 기상 캐스터 lady to slow down and I noticed she added a phrase “미세먼지 농도도 보통 수준을 유지하겠습니다” which is not in the script.

Expressions I want to remember:
예년 수준을 크게 웃돌다 = 例年の水準を大きく上回る
가뭄이 극심하다 = 干ばつが激しい
가뭄 해갈에는 미흡했다=干ばつの緩和には不十分だった

I believe there are more contents on YTN official website: ###

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