I Had My First Tokpokki


I had my first tokpokki yesterday at a mall. I was full with excitement and anticipation… but then I tried it. The sauce was very salty… too salty and too thick for my taste so I couldn’t say it was delicious. Maybe it was Indonesian style or something, not original Korean flavor.

Inside the plate was… slices of boiled but slightly raw carrot and leek, shortly cut rice cake (the 가래떡, I guess, which was chewy and tasteless), some thin fried tofu-like thingy which tasted slightly sour (and I kept wondering why they were sour), and underneath there was noodles. I couldn’t eat the noodles because I didn’t like the taste of the sauce. It wasn’t even spicy. Maybe I would find it edible if it were. It wasn’t sweet, either. Just unfamiliar taste of kochujan and sesame oil, maybe. I should try it again at a better Korean restaurant next time.

Here is a screenshot of tokpokki on Naver Dictionary. Looks similar.
Tokpokki on Naver Dictionary

The pronunciation of 떡볶이 is [떡뽀끼] [tteok-ppo-kki].
Definition: 가래떡을 적당한 크기로 잘라 여러 가지 채소를 넣고 양념을 하여 볶은 음식. 양념은 간장으로 하기도 하고, 고추장으로 하기도 한다.

↑So… you just cut some ttok (rice cake), put in vegetable and add some sauce like kochujang and soy sauce and just heat them together. Sounds easy enough to make. But I don’t know how it is supposed to taste so maybe I can find instant sauce of tokpokki at the supermarket next time. ###

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