I Love C-CLOWN Even Though They Disbanded

Wait, what? It’s January 11 already? 눈 깜짝할 사이에 시간이 지나버렸네요. (Time has flied in the blink of an eye).

I wasn’t in the mood for blogging for a long time. Yeah, yeah, I know nobody misses me. But anyway, today something seriously important has happened to me that I felt it was worthy of a blog post:

Christian Yu or Rome (his stage name), a former member of C-CLOWN, replied to my comment on Instagram. Gasp.


Do you know what you must do when a K-pop idol replied to your comment? You take a screen capture as fast as you can before they can delete it.

Christian Yu - Instagram

OK, there. I’m a little self-conscious because I stupidly used my real name when I made my account on Instagram years ago. But anyway, who cares?

Christian Yu used to be the leader and rapper of C-CLOWN, but the group disbanded on October 5, 2015. Fans speculated that their agency, Yedang, neglected C-CLOWN since another group under the same agency rose to popularity. The agency, however, reported that the members had gone tired with being idols and decided to try other paths (News in Korean: http://enews24.interest.me/news/article.asp?nsID=891234). Yedang promised to make a new group with some of the old members and have them re-debut with a new name.

From my research (haha, research, actually, I’ve been stalking them on Instagram and Twitter, because they’re not on the news anymore since the disbandment), I found out that all former members were doing well.

Follow them:

Rome: https://www.instagram.com/christianyu_ https://twitter.com/Yu_Christian1 (He posts in English, too, because he’s Australian.)

Kang Jun: https://www.instagram.com/junnnkang https://twitter.com/REALKANGJUN (Also posts in English once in a while for non-Korean fans.)

Ray: https://www.instagram.com/_rayreal/ https://twitter.com/_RAYREAL (He decided his own stage name so he still uses the name Ray.)

TK: https://www.instagram.com/1220mm

Siwoo: https://www.instagram.com/min93tae https://twitter.com/Siwoo_CclowN (Recently joined Instagram. Two or three days ago?)

Maru: https://www.instagram.com/ljj6699/
https://twitter.com/Maru_CclowN (Joined Instagram about a week ago or so. He doesn’t follow Kang Jun, Kang Jun doesn’t follow him, either.)

Christian Yu formed his own production team called DPR (website: http://www.dreamperfectregime.com) and has directed and shooted music videos for Korean hip hop artists. Even Amber of f(x) is one of his team. He’s so talented and I can understand why he wouldn’t stay as a member of an underrated boyband.

Kang Jun, the main vocalist, is now with a modelling company (http://www.modeldirectors.com/). He travelled to USA recently for work so I guess he’s happy with his new job. He also plans to start his own fashion label. He’s funny and has many other talents.

Siwoo or Kim Tae Min, one of the singers, is now learning acting. He’s going to perform soon. I’m guessing his play is titled Guardian Angel because he kept mentioning the term 수호전사 on his Instagram but I might be wrong.

Ray or Kim Hyunil, the 2nd vocalist, is now a member of Lee Hong Gi (of FTISLAND)’s team called Hong’s Team. Ray helped arranged music for Lee Hong Gi’s solo album.

The main rapper, TK, or Lee Minwoo, doesn’t post anything about what he’s doing now, but he hangs out with other K-pop idols and posts the photos on his Instagram.

See? He cut his hair so short, I wonder whether he’s going to enlist in army and be on hiatus for 2 years? His name was almost always on credits of C-CLOWN’s songs because he wrote his own rap lyrics. I hope he will come back to K-pop and rap again.

Maru, or Lee Jaejoon, the youngest or 막내 of C-CLOWN, has “Yedang” in his Instagram description box. Maybe he’s the only one left to form a new group?

Back to that important thing that happened today, Christian Yu posted 2 pictures of him hanging out with Kang Jun with hashtag #nevergiveup. I left a comment saying ‘but you give up singing’. He replied: ‘I never gave up singing. I will come back as an artist’.

Oh my God, I really can’t wait for it to happen. 많이 기대하고 기다릴게요.

I’m a happy fangirl today. ###

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