Download Music Player with Lyrics Search “ALSong” for Android

My Samsung tablet doesn’t have its own audio player app so I had to download one from Google Play and that’s how I found ALSong. The app automatically searches Korean lyrics and show it highlighted in blue so you can sing along. ALSong is a free app with ads. I don’t know whether there is a paid version without ads.

Signed CD - MonstaX

Dowload ALSong K-pop Edition (English version) with rough romanization:

The romanization is not perfect (I’m a little annoyed because it is not perfect so I use Korean version instead) so you must be careful and you still have to know all the rules about hangeul pronunciation changes. But I relied a lot on katakana (Japanese language uses katakana to show hangul pronunciation) when I was learning to read hangul on my own so maybe this app will be useful for beginners.

Alsong App English

ALSong – English version


Download ALSong (all-Korean version)

The app even shows Korean translation for Japanese songs. If the app fails to find the correct song lyrics, you can click the magnifyer icon to re-search the database on the internet more thoroughly.

Alsong App

ALSong – Korean version

Song: Amen by Monsta X.

Edited Feb 3, 2016
I changed my mind. I use the English version now. It’s much simpler than the Korean one (I live in Indonesia, I don’t need access to Korean music market, for example).  Select “Preferences”, and you can set font size, text display to hangul only or with romanization, theme, etc. I believe there will be more improvement for the English version in the future. It’s a great app! ###

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