Pronunciation of 앞에 and 꽃밭에

A Korean indie singer that I like released his new song last night and there is this word he uses in his song that I want to make sure I know how to pronounce right: 꽃밭에 (=in the flower garden).

Song: Flower Garden by V-Hawk

I searched Naver Korean dictionary and found this article in Korean:

How to pronounce 앞에 (=in front of) correctly? Is it [압페] or [아페]?
How to pronounce 꽃밭에 (=in the flower bed) correctly? Is it [꼳빠테]? Or [꼳받체]?

홑받침이 모음으로 시작된 조사와 결합되는 경우에는, 제 음가대로 뒤 음절 첫소리로 옮겨 발음합니다. 그러므로 ‘앞에’는 [아페]로, ‘꽃밭에’는[꼳빠테]로 발음합니다.

I hope you read the explanation in Korean by yourself, but in short, the last consonant moves and combines with the vocal that follows. So,
앞에 is pronounced [아페].
꽃밭에 is pronounced [꼳빠테]. (꽃밭 or ‘flower bed’ is pronounced [꼳빧])

And that’s why, I think, it will be more helpful for foreigners who learn Korean (me, included) if 앞에 is romanized as [a-pe] and 꽃밭에 as [kkot-ppa-te] so we’ll know how to pronounce them correctly. ###

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