Learning Korean Expression “말이 너무 짧다”

“Korean Drama Lines” is one of my favorite free online learning sites and it’s available in 11 languages on KBS World website. I mainly follow the Japanese version because it’s updated faster than the English and Indonesian one.

The latest lesson was about  the expression “말이 너무 짧다” from KBS Drama “Big”: http://world.kbs.co.kr/japanese/program/program_koreadrama_detail.htm?No=2185

I learned it before from the movie “Code Name Jackal”. I understand it as “watch your language!”.

말이 너무 짧다.

말 means “words”
이 is subject marker
너무 means “too”
짧다 means “short”
말이 너무 짧다 literally means “your words are too short”.
So you should use longer and more polite sentence endings like “-습니다” and “-요”.

The KBS World’s lesson in Japanese explains that you use 말이 너무 짧다 [ma-ri neo-mu jal-tta] to tell someone to use polite language. 말이 너무 짧다 = 敬語を使え。[Keigo o tsukae.] (=Use polite language!).

Dialog from the drama:
(※I might make mistakes.)

Gil Daran (길다란):
강경준, 아까는 모르고 스쳐가는 사이라 그냥 넘어갔는데
(Kang Kyung-joon, I didn’t say anything before because we were just strangers.)
지금은 난 선생님이고 넌 학생인데
(But now I’m your teacher and you’re my student.)
말이 너무 짧다.
(You should use polite language with me.)

Kang Kyung-joon (강경준)
혼잣말한 건데요.
(But I was only talking to myself.)

I remember the drama started cute, was redundant in the middle, and ended up in a mess. But I’m not a  fan of K-drama so you shouldn’t listen to me and go ahead watch the drama if you wish. ###




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