Today I Learned Korean from K-pop… Again

There are people who say that words of K-pop  lyrics are ‘useless’ but I think if you love K-pop then you learn and use your new knowledge at the same time? It’s already useful for you right that moment? So it’s not useless. No need to put separation between learning and using the new knowledge.

Besides, it’s easier to memorize new words because you will listen to the song repeatedly (because repetition is the key to remember) and you can sing along, and that’s already the ‘output’, even if no one hears you. ‘Output’ is important to retain new knowledge so you don’t forget what you learn.

Of course I know I can’t use the expressions in real life conversations. In what kind of situation, you need to say, ‘I’m the hottest among all’, anyway? Probably never. But it’s fun to sing and understand the lyrics. (I am thinking about 2NE1’s song: ♪내가 제일 잘나가 (I’m The Best). Fun song.)

Today I studied a K-pop song lyrics: GOD, by Jimin (the sexy rapper of girl group AOA) and J.Don (or Lee Seung Hyub, the leader/main vocal/rapper of a new rock/hip hop band N.Flying). It’s a rap song released on April 27, 2015 but I found it yesterday. I missed it when it was new.

Here’s a live performance on Music Bank – KBS World with English subtitles of the lyrics.

I especially like the part where he growls ‘rrrahh'(1:11). Cool! 너무 멋져!

Lyrics on Naver Music:

New words I learned
(not because you need to learn them, because this is my ‘output’ so I can remember them better):

뒷걸음질 = stepping backard
뒷걸음질 쳐 더 귀엽게 = Take a step back, cuter

순진하다 = pure and innocent
순진한 척해 = You’re feigning innocence

솟아나다 = to stream out
거꾸로 솟아나 피가? = Is my blood streaming out backward?
KBS World’s translation: It makes me mad.

탄성 = admiring cry/sigh, cheers
터지는 탄성 = exploding cheers

핍박 = tightness, pressure
핍박을 받겠어 = I will be oppressed/persecuted

일찍이 = early
일찍이 정점을 찍어 = Get to the top early

구부리다 = to bend
구부린 허리 펴고 말해 = I stretch my bent back and say

철창 (鉄窓) = iron-barred window, prison
부수다 = to break
막막하다 = helpless
막막함에 밤새 두드린 철창 부수고 나가 = I break and get out of the iron-barred window that I knocked all night out of helplessness

갈다 = to sharpen
이를 갈아 = I sharpen my teeth

조르다 = strangle, tighten
난 내 목을 졸라 = I strangle my neck

게으르다 > 게을러도 (irregular 르, I forgot, need to check textbook again)

비글 = beagle (dog) ← I searched it on Google Image. Cute.

지껄이다 = to chat loudly
밤새 지껄인 글자 = The letters that I said loudly all night long
KBS World’s translation: Words that I wrote all night. He’s a rapper so… same meaning, I guess.

The music video is good, too.

Song: GOD – JIMIN N J.DON (지민 엔 제이던). ###

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