Quiz Function on ‘DioDict4’

Today I listened to N.Flying’s songs I just got on iTunes and learned a few words. I love this rookie band, they combine good rap and rock band and good English pronunciation, and their songs just make me want to jump up and down.

Song: N.Flying (엔플라잉) – 기가 막혀 (Awesome)

I became a fan after watching the Japanese version of “Knock Knock” and I  think Lee Seung Hyub sounds good singing in Japanese. I also think he got a nose job.

Song N.Flying – 「Knock Knock –Japanese Version-」


To memorize the words, I used the quiz function (Vocab Trainer and Vocab Quiz) on DioDict4 (dictionary app) on my tablet, which I got free from Samsung Galaxy Apps. DioDict4 has audio for words and sample sentences which is helpful. The quiz function is really simple, basically the word pops out, if you can remember, you click the circle, if you don’t, you click the cross, and the definition from the dictionary will show up. It saves a lot of time because I don’t have to type in the definition by myself, like with other flash card apps.

V-Hawk's Instagram

And today I watched Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind (2004) because V-Hawk, a Korean indie rapper that I’m obsessed with right now, once posted on Instagram that you “can feel many things” from watching it. It was the type of movie I would pick myself. A love story between characters by Kate Winslet and Jim Carrey who decided to erase their memory of each other to avoid the pain after breaking up. A chick flick. My husband would hate it. ###

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